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Hi-Float X
Float ExtraTM has the ability to extend the floating life of helium gas balloons.
Float ExtraTM makes the balloons stronger The impact force because the gel that is coated on the inside allows the ball to have two walls.
Float ExtraTM is a gel that helps coat the material Stuck on the inside of a balloon, such as glitter or grit, which is more beautiful.
Float ExtraTM is a gel-free product that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Also known as non toxic.
Hi-Float X Balloons Gel
Make your party
last longer...
Beautiful balloons usually inflated not long after a party over. Let Hi-Float X help your balloons to floatt longer.
Easy to
With the dispenser push pump. The same way you use the lotion. So the gel comes out easily.
Different sizes for Hi-Float X
Different sizes for your job. 4 liters, 800ml - pump head, 200ml - pump head and 60ml - ink head.
This is the
only solution...
Why pay more, while Hi-Float X can give you the same thing as the expensive gel can do?.
Hi-Float X Balloons Gel
Make your parties lasts longer than ever.

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