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Float ExtraTM

Float ExtraTM gel was discovered and developed in 2015 by a group of agricultural technology students at a university in Asia. The initial aim was to produce a cling film in an environmentally conscious manner that safely preserved various foods whilst sealing in the accompanying aroma's.

Float ExtraTM Gel breaks down very easily resulting in a rapid decomposition without any residue. It is compatible with many different gasses including Helium, where for example it's use can prolong the life of a balloon by up to 3 times.


- 100% nontoxic


- 50% water

How to use?

User Manual For Float Extra Gel

Open the float extra gel package. Turn the pump anticlockwise to unlock the pump head. (For the first time use, use a supporting container under the pump head and then pump until the float extra gel comes up in the pipe of the pump and exit from the nozzle)

Push the nozzle of the pump up the half of the balloon float extra gel should fallen to the bottom of balloon , then grip the balloon’s neck firmly then press the pump head To make the gel enter into the balloons according to the quantity notice in the text below.

    Balloon size and amount of gel
  • 9 inch balloons 1cc
  • 12 inch balloons 1.5cc
  • 14 inch balloons 2cc
  • 16 inch balloons 2.5cc
  • 18 inch balloons 3cc
  • 24 inch balloons 3.5cc
  • 36 inch balloons 5cc

Squeeze the neck of the balloon, swipe down and remove the balloons from the nozzle of the pump. Squeeze the neck of the balloons gently that would allow for unwanted air to exit from the balloon; Use the other hand and gently rob the balloon for few seconds, then began to compress the helium gas into the balloon gently until the balloon is fully inflated and tightly tie the neck of the balloon.

Precautions in using float extra gel

- If the gel touches the skin or into the eyes, wash with soap and clean water few times. (If you have any allergic or reactions should consult your doctor) And for increased safety, it is recommended to wear safety glasses when filling gas in balloons to avoid direct eye contact.

One final note, a float extra gel, is designed to work in a balloon that is stored inside a building in a place where the weather is controlled, with a heater or air conditioner different from the use of a float extra get with balloons Stored outside the building, in an uncontrolled environment may cause the floating of helium gas balloons to decrease. Float extra gel, the gel is non-toxic and friendly use to the environment, Can decompose in to the nature.

Please keep out of reach of children

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